The Bagel Store In Williamsburg Brooklyn Ships the very best old fashioned hand rolled kettled boiled Fresh Bagels and Cragels Shipped Online Anywhere in the U.S. Since 2000

While there are many "bagel shops" shipping bagels on the Online with terms as "Ny style",etc don't be fooled "you get what you pay for".

We Deliver To You The Very Best Bagel And Cragel You Have Ever Tasted.
*You probably heard of us we have been Creating New Bagel Flavors you see in your local bagel shop Today. but nothing comes close to the Real Article.

*Most recently we created the "Cragel" (Half Brooklyn Bagel And Half Flaky Croissant) as seen on the "Wendy Williams", "Rachel Ray" and "The Chew" Show And many magazines and newspapers around the world. and the "Bacon,Egg And Cheddar Cheese" Bagel as seen on the Food Network Show "$24 In 24 Hours". You see big companys like dunkin donuts and crumbs are trying very hard to duplicate Scot Rossillo's Master Invention as with any masterpiece nothing compares to the original.
*We wholeheartedly believe there is no awards for average which is why we go beyond average in everything we do. Now you do not have to accept low standard bagels we are just a few clicks away.
Iam Scot Rossillo The Worlds Premier Master Bagel Artist I pledge to you-
We make every batch of hand crafted artisian bagels and cragels in small amounts gently hand rolled then proofed slowly for a minimum of 24 hours. kettled boiled then baked in a real bakers oven. this is no accident we create the best. when you love what you do it shows especially on our customers faces when they take one bite into our products.
taste what you have been craving for this is mine and our companys mission everday.

**We bake every order fresh each morning then cooled down,vacuumed sealed to lock in freshness then shipped to you overnight.
 Send Bagels as a Gift or For your next corporate meeting

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